1513 E. Cass St., Appleton

Before Larry Haack moved into his Cass St. home with his dog Cricket, he found that every task was more difficult. “Things were more difficult and everything was more trying,” Larry recalls.  “I use a wheelchair, so I was looking for more accessibility features.”

After a two-year search for the right place to call home, Larry made the connection to the Appleton Housing Authority and the opportunity to live in an accessible home that turned difficult into “fantastic.” “Everything here is fantastic. I have extra wide doorways and a roll-in shower. It’s been so helpful to have an attached garage with no incline. It has made something as simple as bringing in groceries so much easier,” Larry says.

Knowing that high school students built his home, making a big difference in his life also means a lot. “It’s great work. You would never know high school students built my home. It’s very comfortable and it absolutely feels like home.”

The affordability of his home has been additionally significant. “Having this place be income based is very important and pretty great, especially since I was having trouble finding something I could afford with the feature I need to get around.”

Larry’s four-legged companion, Cricket, also loves the home, often snuggling up on the couch. “It absolutely feels like home. We’re very comfortable. It’s easy for friends and family to come by because I have more room. I feel very lucky.”

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