37 Pintail Place, Appleton

Pachia Lor and her three daughters love their new home, especially since moving there has brought some much needed sunshine to their lives after some dark days. “Harbor House got me connected to the Housing Authority,” Pachia explained. “I had an accident in 2013. I have a prosthetic leg and use a wheelchair. So, Harbor House knew I would need a home that had very easy access.”

Since the family moved into their home, their days have become much happier. “It’s such a blessing for all of us to be here. I cannot thank God enough for all of the help and support we’ve received,” Pachia said.

Learning that students from Appleton’s three high schools had built their home made the move even sweeter. “I was very impressed when I heard that the home was built by high school students,” Pachia noted. “It’s amazing how much our students give back to the community.”

The family enjoys the neighborhood and Pachia especially likes the accessibility features that help to make life easier. “We have a nice neighborhood and we are very happy to be here. Our home is very cozy and a good size for my family. It’s also very convenient for my condition. It’s a real comfort and we are very grateful for what we have,” Pachia said.

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